No More Chrome Cast with Google TV For Me

At first, I was excited about the idea of the Chrome Cast with Google TV.
I was previously using a Mi Box as my streaming device & while I had it
setup and doing what I wanted, I was having to restart it twice, each
time I turned it on for the first time in a few days.
Once the Chrome cast with Google TV arrived I was looking for directions
on how to set it up with TalkBack enabled. All of the online information
I was finding said to set it up via the Google Home app. At that point,
being one of the first few to get a Chrome Cast with Google TV, the
really easy way to set it up with TalkBack enabled wasn't widely known
yet. Sometimes with these devices, the setup is just as simple as an
Android phone.
After you connect the remote to the device, all one had to do was to
hold down both volume keys. Its just something to try to remember for
other devices in the future.

Once things were working, I was happy to learn through Google magic, my
Netflicks & Amazon Prime Video accounts had made it over to the apps on
this new streaming device. I opened the Prime Video app and was happy to
learn it was providing information about the shows that the Amazon
streaming sticks & devices don't provide. In each show's info, besides
captions being mentioned, it also listed if the show had audio
description available.

I continued to learn about the Chrome cast with Google TV & easily setup
the rest of the device via the remote. I was happy until a month or two
later when getting a system update. No longer was I signed into any of
the apps, that Google magic was gone. While I didn't have any trouble
installing the update, I didn't have its free space filled, so it had
enough room to process the update.
I was left with this fairly new device no longer signed into anything,
other than the device.
That did it for me. I was irritated enough with the Chrome Cast with
Google TV.

Now I'm getting ready to install a Chrome Cast Ultra that I had sitting
on a shelf. I had obtained a couple of these & gave one away with an old
TV I gave to a friend.
Instead of setting up each of those apps on another device, I'm just
going to cast the show from my phone.
When my phone gets a system update, it doesn't disconnect from all of
the apps that are installed. Why that Chrome Cast with Google TV chose
to do that, who knows, maybe because its a streaming device & not a phone.

So keep this in mind as there are more Google TV streaming devices for
sale that have very little on-board memory. Why these weren't made
available with a slot for a microSD card like the Mi Box? We'll never
know. Also, the Mi box had a USB port that one could connect an external
drive into.


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