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The Eight Voices Of Android

The Eight Voices Of Android You might not know but your Android phone has eight different sounding voices you can pick from for use with Talkback or other Accessibility services. They are free and are likely already a part of your phone. There are voices still available for purchase on the Play Store from third party sources. The problem is they are older & haven't been updated in over two years. That is related to when Android started to require apps be created in a 64 bit programming mode which left some of these third party sources behind as they didn't or couldn't make the move to change how their app was written. While many of these third party text to speech engines still work on Android 12 they are buggy and don't provide a great experience these days as they once did. Thankfully Google has developed what is currently called Speech Services By Google which does just more than Text To Speech. They have eight very clear sounding v