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Restoring A System Image In Windows Using Narrator

Below you will find directions for how to restore a system image made in Windows 10 or 11. Just like anything with Microsoft, there are several ways to do the same thing. The info in the below article is the most straight forward method and the way I prefer. One tip before you start reading those directions. If your Windows computer is still able to boot to the desktop and you can press Windows + r to open the run dialog, you can start into a form of Windows where a person who is blind or low vision can use Narrator and a run command to boot from the external USB drive that contains the Windows Install Media that you'll learn about in that article. Otherwise you might need some help booting from the USB drive that has that install media on it. Here's what to do if your computer can still get to the desktop. Insert the USB Drive that has the Install media on it into a USB port. At this point it is a good idea if you are keeping that system image on an e

My Podcasts

Podcasts Here are the podcasts I listen to & where you can learn more. I know it seems that everyone wants your money these days. If you enjoy one of these or another show and can afford to give a few dollars or more a month, please do so. If you can't make a donation, at least help spread the word and tell others about the shows you like to listen to. Android Faithful Double Tap Daily Tech News Show Kansas City Today Material I use the Spotify app to listen to these podcasts. I use Spotify to listen to music & keeping it all in the same app is easier for me. Plus, some of the podcasts like Material, have a bonus episode each week for the people who are able to make a donation. Its very easy to subscribe to that feed of the podcast, including the bonus p

Stuff & Things

Just a post to get those digitally creative thoughts going. My nickname, username, online name in most places is BlindAndroid. That is just my online name, don't let it make you think I'm not a Windows user or use other devices. Android is my choice in phone operating systems. My first Android based phone was the Motorola Photon. I was at the Sprint store the day when they first offered Mobile Accessibility for free. Those were the early days of Android and TalkBack wasn't fully developed, but was there too. Mobile Accessibility offered sort of a shell for email, text messages, system information etc.. You could leave it and go explore with Talkback and always come back when you wanted. At first, all of the other carriers in the US were charging around $99 for this app. Sprint was the first one to say they are going to make it free to all of their customers and there was no need to prove you had a disability or need for the app. I got the help

Time To Start Sharing Info Again

I think I've had enough of a break that I'm ready to start sharing information again.  I was listening to an episode of the Double Tap podcast and heard a message from someone wondering how accessible it is to restore a system image in Windows. I've heard similar messages about apps being accessible in Android, or just Android in general.  I don't know everything but I've been around awhile and picked up a few things along the way. Not only with technology, but as someone who has been on this big spinning ball for almost 51 years, learned a few things about life.  I'm going to start sharing here on my blog. The days are gone where I could share that info on Twitter as that is no longer a place I want to be.  I do post sometimes on Threads but it just doesn't have that same feeling where I can write some step by step directions when that is needed.  Its Wednesday evening, September 27, 2023 as I'm writing this, so I'll start sharing information again