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Notes Installing ChromeFlex

If you have never heard of ChromeFlex it is a way to turn that older desktop or laptop into a working ChromeBook. This is now easier to do as Google acquired a company who was doing this on their own. This will give a new life to that older desktop or laptop and in a way that is secure & easy to use. Once you have it fully installed, when you power on that desktop or laptop, you will have a fully working Chromebook, & none of this setup stuff to deal with. Recently a new version of ChromeFlex was made available. I tried the version that was released earlier this year, but as that was more of a preview and bugs were not worked out yet, I didn't get very far into installing it. I decided to give it another try with the new version that is supposed to work with a wider variety of hardware. Most people will be using ChromeFlex on older desktops & laptops anyway. Just to check, I ran the install in a test it out mode and it didn&