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March 2022 List Apps I Use On Android

This is a list of apps I have installed on my phone, which is currently the Nokia X100 running android 11. I am totally blind and these apps work for me when using TalkBack. I am providing links to these apps on the web version of the Google Play Store. If you use the Play Store App on your device, search for the names of each app. Some of these apps will be pre-installed on your Android phone or device but I list them here as sometimes they might not be, just depends on the device. I also interact with my phone using a bluetooth or USB keyboard, just depending on the need & where I am. Don't let anyone tell you how to use your Android device. The best way is the way that works best for you. I use touch for some things & an external keyboard for others. I do like that as soon as you connect an external keyboard, TalkBack will change its usage hints to ones based on using an external keyboard. As soon as you disconnect & go back to using the on-