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Nokia X100 Review

Nokia X100 Tmobile 5 out of 5 stars I recently purchased the Nokia X100 from Tmobile. It seems that is the only place in the US to buy this phone, which is okay for my needs, as I am a Tmobile customer. What led me down the road to getting this phone was the disappointment in the delay of getting Pixel 6 Pro phones to the Tmobile store, the price of the 6 Pro, & the list of issues that are being experienced. I first wanted one but started to look to see what else in the Android world was out there. I found the Nokia X100 one day while browsing around & took a look at the specs, 6GB Ram & 128GB storage. I thought wow, that's pretty good and in a phone that was only $252. I got to thinking, I wonder if as a blind guy, if the apps that I use would run okay enough on this phone. First, let me say I was only looking for what will work for me. I'm totally blind so the quality or performance of the video quality on the phone's s