Macro Droid Device Automation Android App

I want to remind everyone of a great Android app that enables you to do all sorts of things. I've been using Macro Droid for several years. I first heard of it on All About Android one evening. I recently had a need for this great app. I was navigating the screen on my Pixel 6 Pro the other day and suddenly I lost speech. Nothing was talking, I as someone who is totally blind, was lost. Thankfully I have my previous phone and used Lookout to read the screen on my 6 Pro. I could read the screen but didn't see any error messages I tried to restart the phone by holding down the volume up key & power, but for some reason, that did nothing. I tried volume down and power, just in case that was the key combination. I was finally able to restart my phone, heard a couple seconds of TalkBack then the phone went silent again. Another check with the old phone showed text on the screen. I thought what could be causing this? Then just like in a cartoon, I g

My Review of Drago Coffee from Fresh Roasted Coffee

As the Drago coffee moved from my tumbler, into my mouth it felt like the coffee was hugging my tongue. Even though the two just met, it was like the coffee was saying, hello old friend, its nice to see you again. It was smooth as it moved across my taste buds, waking them up on a cool fall day. It brought back a memory of having something warm for breakfast then knowing I was ready to go take on the world & wait outside in the cool morning air for my school bus. I made the Organic Drago  coffee with sugar free caramel syrup & unsweetened soy milk. I have other syrup flavors on the way & can't wait to try this coffee with chocolate chip cookie dough syrup or even salted caramel syrup. It gives a relaxing feeling as I await the next sip, happy that my tumbler isn't empty and there is more joy to be found inside. So bring the Organic Drago  coffee into your life and remember that not every dragon is fire breathing and mean, even if their name i

Update On L6 Pro Robot Vacuum

Its been a few weeks since I posted about this robot vacuum. Since then we have connected it to both our Amazon Echo & Google Assistant devices. While doing that, it doesn't give you access to everything in the vacuum's app, its handy to say Hey Google, turn on the vacuum or turn off the vacuum. As you might expect, turning it on starts cleaning & turning off stops cleaning & sends it back to the base. I still haven't used the mopping feature. I've been so very impressed with how well it does on our hard wood type floors & in our bedrooms which are carpeted. The android app isn't perfect but with some trial & error, it is usable. The thing that helps me the most is to open the TalkBack menu when I get to an icon and select describe image. There are buttons for dock, start, pause, more etc.. with some practice you'll be changing the suction level and managing your robot. I've looked around on Amazon at some

Laresar L6 Pro Robot Vacuum & Mop

We got a new robot vacuum after our previous robot, Roomba E5 was having several problems. I went looking around, reading reviews and really liked both the US and International reviews I read on the robot I bought. I got the Laresar L6 Pro from Amazon. While prices vary,  with the on page coupon I paid, $399.98 A couple of the features is its very strong suction. Its stronger than any other robot vac I looked at. There are three settings in the app for suction level. It creates a map of your home. It isn't doing this to spy on you, it does this to provide a better  experience. It will know where its charging base or home is. O

Notes Installing ChromeFlex

If you have never heard of ChromeFlex it is a way to turn that older desktop or laptop into a working ChromeBook. This is now easier to do as Google acquired a company who was doing this on their own. This will give a new life to that older desktop or laptop and in a way that is secure & easy to use. Once you have it fully installed, when you power on that desktop or laptop, you will have a fully working Chromebook, & none of this setup stuff to deal with. Recently a new version of ChromeFlex was made available. I tried the version that was released earlier this year, but as that was more of a preview and bugs were not worked out yet, I didn't get very far into installing it. I decided to give it another try with the new version that is supposed to work with a wider variety of hardware. Most people will be using ChromeFlex on older desktops & laptops anyway. Just to check, I ran the install in a test it out mode and it didn&

March 2022 List Apps I Use On Android

This is a list of apps I have installed on my phone, which is currently the Nokia X100 running android 11. I am totally blind and these apps work for me when using TalkBack. I am providing links to these apps on the web version of the Google Play Store. If you use the Play Store App on your device, search for the names of each app. Some of these apps will be pre-installed on your Android phone or device but I list them here as sometimes they might not be, just depends on the device. I also interact with my phone using a bluetooth or USB keyboard, just depending on the need & where I am. Don't let anyone tell you how to use your Android device. The best way is the way that works best for you. I use touch for some things & an external keyboard for others. I do like that as soon as you connect an external keyboard, TalkBack will change its usage hints to ones based on using an external keyboard. As soon as you disconnect & go back to using the on-

No More Chrome Cast with Google TV For Me

At first, I was excited about the idea of the Chrome Cast with Google TV. I was previously using a Mi Box as my streaming device & while I had it setup and doing what I wanted, I was having to restart it twice, each time I turned it on for the first time in a few days. Once the Chrome cast with Google TV arrived I was looking for directions on how to set it up with TalkBack enabled. All of the online information I was finding said to set it up via the Google Home app. At that point, being one of the first few to get a Chrome Cast with Google TV, the really easy way to set it up with TalkBack enabled wasn't widely known yet. Sometimes with these devices, the setup is just as simple as an Android phone. After you connect the remote to the device, all one had to do was to hold down both volume keys. Its just something to try to remember for other devices in the future. Once things were working, I was happy to learn through Google magic, my Netflicks &am