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Accessible App List For Android

One day this week while listening to the wonderful Double Tap Podcast, I heard feedback from someone disappointed because they weren't successful in finding a good list of accessible Android apps, especially for use on their new Pixel 8 phone. Several years ago I used to post a list of accessible android apps that I was using but I no longer do that. There is a reason for that, accessible means different things to people. Just because something was accessible for me, that doesn't mean it was accessible for any other person. We are all different in the world of disabilities. Some people see nothing, some people have some vision. Some can access apps when color contrast is adjusted, or some may only need to use the magnifier. Some people may be able to use one feature on days when their vision is good, but maybe two days later things may be cloudy for them for a few days. So there is no way I can produce a list of accessible apps that will have any m