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WearOS4 1st Gen Pixel Watch Update

I'm getting the WearOS 4 update on my 1st gen Pixel Watch LTE. Wanted to share some tips for anyone else updating this watch who is blind or low vision. I've been asked to be very patient after the watch restarts. Don't go messing with the watch for about 30 minutes and let it do its thing. So once you check for updates and are told to put the watch on the charger, go find something else to do for awhile. Steve -- Visit my blog Android, Windows, Blind, Technology, Cancer, Life

Flavored Coffee

If you are looking for a coffee gift for yourself or someone else, look at the Flavored coffee pages from Fresh Roasted Coffee. This first link will take you to their Flavored Coffee pages with pods filtered out of the list. This next link takes you to their Flavored Coffee Pages with nothing filtered out of the list. I don't receive anything in return for your purchase. They are a company I enjoy buying my coffee from and I'm just sharing the information. -- Visit my blog Android, Windows, Blind, Technology, Cancer, Life

Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder An Android app that I use on both my Pixel Watch 1st edition and on my Pixel 6 Pro is Easy Voice Recorder. I used it this morning while checking my blood sugar. Its just so easy to open the list of apps on my watch by pressing the crown and moving down to the app. The first button I'm presented with is the Record button. Double Tap that twice, give it a second and start speaking. In this example I just recorded 95 at 10:30 am, moved over to the Stop button and double tapped. I heard the app say saving. Later when I was near my computer, I opened Google Drive on my phone and the first file was there. I heard Google Drive say "Created Today" There was a file called My Recording 3 and when I double tapped on it, there was a short pause and I heard me saying 95 at 10:30 am. The app on the watch communicates with the app on my phone. In the settings I selected for it to save recordings on my Google Drive. You can also configure th

Password Manager Reminder

Something that people who strongly suggest password managers don't tell you is to always export your usernames & passwords once you have everything setup. CSV is the common export & import format between the different services. When the time comes that your current service isn't working, for whatever reason, you still have places you need to go to do your banking or order something online. Keep that exported file in a secure place and don't forget to do another export when you change things. -- Visit my blog Android, Windows, Blind, Technology, Cancer, Life

Raise To Answer

I am just sharing info on an app I use all the time on my phone. Currently that is a Pixel 6 Pro which is still working fine, running Android14. Raise To Answer This app will answer your phone when you lift it to your ear. Its just that simple. If you want, the app will end the call if you place your phone face down on a table. There are other options to explore in the app. I use this app to answer my phone, it works every time. I'm an old school user at times and still use the power button to end a call, you can find that in Accessibility settings. Here is a link to the app You can also search for Raise To Answer in your Play Store app. Raise To Answer Sylvia van Os 4.3 746 reviews 100K+Downloads Steve -- Visit my blog Android, Windows, Blind, Technology, Cancer, Life

Online Listening

This is a list of things I listen to online. Sometimes we all just need some sound playing in the background, other times you might need to have something in the foreground, drowning out the background. This is my playlist on Spotify. You'll experience the wide range of music I listen to with this playlist. If you need to skip a song, go ahead, I won't be offended, I won't even know. Its named Tink & Puppy after our two cats. BananaVision There are several channels from these great people you can listen to. These are my two favorite & most listened to. BananaRang BananaVision Main Channel Pluto TV There are over two hundred channels to watch or listen to at Pluto TV. You can listen via their web site or use their app. There are on demand movies, popular

Study Finds Unsweetened Coffee is Linked to Weight Loss

Another article I read today talks about how unsweetened coffee leads to weight loss. This is how I have had my coffee for years. I use sugar free syrups from Torani or Davinci and use the pumps that attach to the bottles of both brands for dispensing the syrup. The only sugar that gets added to my 30 ounce insulated tumblers is from the unsweetened soy milk. In an eight ounce serving, there is 1 gram of sugar. There are many sugar free flavors available. Here are a few of the ones I currently have. Sugar Free Gingerbread Sugar Free Brown Sugar Cinnamon Sugar Free Caramel Sugar Free Vanilla Sugar Free S'mores Sugar Free Chocolate Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough If anyone is interested, I am happy to share more about my sugar free coffee, the devices I use and the steps I take. Making your own coffee at home does not have to be expensive. Just send me an email Here is the article I mentioned.

Audible Now On WearOS

I read an article this morning from 9 to 5 Google about the Audible App is now available for WearOS, the software on Google watches. Steve -- Visit my blog Android, Windows, Blind, Technology, Cancer, Life

Getting Started With TalkBack

Here's a video on Youtube to help someone get started with TalkBack, the screen reader built into Android phones & devices. For more information go to this link: -- Visit my blog Android, Windows, Blind, Technology, Cancer, Life