All About Android Show

All About Android

I've been listening to this show since just after it started, about ten
years ago.
Its a weekly show on the TWIT Network & you guessed it, they are all
about android. Good thing that is what they named the show. :)

Its hosts are three experienced users of Android phones, devices, &
services. From time to time they have a guest on the show. The guests
have varied from app developers, Google employees, and other Android
enthusiast, & journalists.

The show covers Android news, hardware, apps, discussions of phones,
tablets, Chromebooks, and more.

I like to listen to the show while its recorded live. You get to hear
some of the discussions before the show starts and sometimes that is
where one learns these three hosts are just people too. They drop &
break phones, they accidentally reveal passwords during a show, they
have frustrating problems, equipment used in recording of the show
randomly locks up, and also people who love using the Android operating
system too & just like me, are always learning.

You can listen live on Tuesday evenings. The show doesn't have a set
start time but its usually just after 7 PM Central time, 5 Pacific.
Other shows on the Twit network will replay until the show goes live.

There are many ways to listen.
You can tell your Amazon or Google assistant "listen to twit live from
Tune In"
You can open Twit's live audio & video stream by going to

There is also an audio only stream

If you can't watch live you can subscribe to the podcast, just search
for All About Android in your podcast app and you can also visit the
show page for info on previous shows & ways to subscribe.

I've been mentioned a few times over the years as I interact with the
shows hosts. There have also been a few things I've sent like the link
for Google Is Your Friend, the Musical that drove a few of the other
hosts crazy. You are welcome. :)


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