ChromeCast With Google TV Setup Accessible

I got my ChromeCast with Google TV back in January 2021. At that time
the directions were to setup using the
Google Home app on your phone. That was partially accessible until it
was ready to make some changes & install updates, then things just
crashed & there was no way to turn on Talkback.
I got help from my Wife & after we got things working, using the device
was an excellent experience.

I read a tweet today about the setup part of the device being available
on the play store for updating the ChromeCast with Google TV. I wondered
at that point if accessibility changes could be made & rolled out to the
I sent a few tweets & hadn't checked to see if anything had changed yet
in the process of setting up this great device.
After tweeting I thought I should check that. One of the sites I was
reading mentioned setting it up with the help of the Home app or just
doing it all on device. I thought I should try just setting it up on the
device & skipping the home app.
I did that & was so very happy to have been able to set it up after a
factory reset all on my own. There were a few things that were helpful
to know first and a few things I learned on the way I'll share with you.

I'm writing this assuming you have either just done a factory reset on
an existing device or are setting this up out of the box.

Since everyone's tv is different, I'll leave it up to you to connect the
device to power & plug in to a HDMI port on your TV and select that port.

First, it helps to know where a couple of keys are on the remote. Here's
a great description by Google.

Meet the Chromecast Voice Remote

A few helpful ones to know for setting up are the Home & Back keys and
also the location of the Volume Keys.
The first thing that has to be done is to pair the remote & soon after,
you'll want to turn on Talkback.

After the device starts up it will be at a screen telling you to pair
the remote.
At that point I hadn't used Lookout on my phone yet and just held down
the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons, hoping to turn on TalkBack at
this point.

Instead I heard a beeping sound on the TV & thought it must be wanting
to pair the remote.
I held down the Back & Home buttons & shortly after heard a chime.
Once your remote is paired hold down the up and down volume keys until
you hear a voice prompt saying to continue holding the keys to enable
Talkback. If you accidentally let go, you can hold the keys down again.

Next it is helpful to understand the overall setup process.
Note: ignore the part of this video that talks about using the Home App.

How to install and set up Chromecast with Google TV

As you are agreeing to terms & conditions & other such things, you'll
find in some areas its easier to move to Next or Agree by pressing the
down arrow, but in others its easier to move up on the screen. Once on
that item, just press select or okay on the remote.

One thing that is suggested in the privacy settings that just makes the
overall process easier is to just accept current settings. You can go
back later after everything is setup and working to change those types
of settings.

I found it very helpful to have Lookout By Google installed & working on
my phone. There is a point in making those previous settings where
things got quiet. I set Lookout to Explore mode & pointed it at the TV.
I heard some text then 23 percent, 25 percent, etc... I knew what was
happening at that point.
One suggestion for Google is to play an audio file just before this part
of the setup begins. Something like Setup now starting, don't turn off
your device.

You'll be able to follow along using Lookout while the rest of things
are setup. You won't have to enter anything during this setup process.
From then on, TalkBack will be installed & working.

I very much enjoy using my ChromeCast with Google TV. One thing you will
find is its own Prime Video app provides more information about shows &
movies on Prime Video than the Fire TV devices do. This seems to hold
true every time I've checked.
When browsing through shows & movies, you'll hear if that show or movie
has captions & also if it has Audio Description, and that is just while
browsing around.

I also enjoy using the IMDB app as its easy to use.

I can say that not every app will be this accessible. I'm not going to
provide a full list of apps as its a great experience to explore and
learn on your own.

I'm going to include a link to an audio walk through I did back in
January on another blog. Its nothing professional, just some audio so
you can get a taste of the ChromeCast With Google TV experience.
Note: This is a Drop Box link that is set to download.


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