Lookout By Google, one of my favorite apps

One app that I use often is Lookout By Google.

Here is the info from the Play store.

Lookout by Google

Google LLC


Rated 4.1 stars out of five stars

Lookout uses computer vision to assist people with low vision or
blindness get things done faster and more easily. Using your phone's
camera, Lookout makes it easier to get more information about the world
around you and do daily tasks more efficiently like sorting mail,
putting away groceries, and more.

Built with guidance from the blind and low-vision community, Lookout
supports Google's mission to make the world's information universally
accessible to everyone.

Lookout has five modes for a variety of activities:

• Use Food Labels mode (beta) to quickly identify packaged foods by
their label, in addition to scanning barcodes. Available in more than 20

• Read a whole page of text with Documents mode. Take a snapshot of a
document, and Lookout will scan the text, so that it can be read aloud
by your screen reader or magnified on your phone.

• Use Text mode to quickly skim text and hear it read aloud — for doing
things like sorting mail.

• Use Currency mode to identify banknotes quickly and reliably.

• Explore mode (beta) offers information about objects in your surroundings.

Lookout is available in more than 20 languages, and runs on devices with
Android 6 and above, with at least 2GB of RAM.

A few other notes about the app, it is 100% free, no subscription, no
one time or monthly cost. All of the functions listed above are
processed on your phone. No waiting to send the image to a server & wait
for a response, which can be affected by a poor connection.

I've learned about what is around me by using the explore mode & walking
around my apartment building. I didn't know exactly where the stairs
were from the elevator, but using Explore mode, stepped out of the
elevator & holding the phone in front of me, I heard stairs, as Lookout
read the sign on the door to the stairs.
I learned there is a Fire Extinguisher on the wall between the door to
our hallway & the storage room door.

Its fun to take Lookout By Google for a car ride around the city. I've
had it read names on street signs, names & signs on buildings, its
described passing cars and things on the side of the road like a couch
or tire.

I use it frequently to help identify groceries, find directions, and
identify cleaning products. I learned that the washing machine in our
apartment allows you to add liquid fabric softener to the machine in the
center section.

I use Lookout By Google to read mail, identify packages left in our
building's mail room, and it is something that has become part of how I
do things in my daily life.

The app offers a tutorial & more info about a function that you can turn
off during use or just keep it enabled for features you might not use as

You can search the Play Store app on your phone for "lookout By Google"
or go to the link in your browser.



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