The Color Of Your Bubble

There has been an ongoing battle between phone operating systems but it
didn't start with mobile phones.
People have been making comparisons for ages, Chevy vs Ford, Sony vs
Panasonic, the brand of seed one neighbor puts in their yard vs the
brand your Dad always used etc...

When it comes down to which choice or side is better it has always come
down to what works best for you at a price you can afford. Sometimes
with technology one has to consider the availability of help to learn
how to use the particular device and who is there to help when things
don't work as they should. Some people might need more assistance than
others. Its like something my Dad said once about having a foreign car
in a small town. If the closest person who can repair your car is 100 or
more miles away, what are you going to do when your car breaks down and
there is nobody nearby to fix it in a timely manner.
So I understand why some who may not be as tech savvy would just go with
what people in their family use, because they have people nearby who can

The brand name on your phone doesn't matter, as long as it does what you
want to do with a phone & it works for you. One look at the news & you
can see what the choice to or to not vaccinate does to people. Let them
fight that one out, that fight doesn't need to exist over the brand of a
phone operating system.

I recently read an article focusing on the number of brand x over brand
y phones & who had the larger numbers in a category. I didn't read much
into it as I see it like a survey which can easily come out the way you
want, based on what questions you ask & where you conduct your survey.
If you stand outside a movie theater & ask people coming out in a large
group, Did you see a movie at a movie theater tonight? You are going to
get a large number of yes responses. The person conducting the survey
can say more than 95% of people surveyed have gone to a movie theater

Lets not judge people based on the brand of anything they use. If two
houses both have fire & smoke detectors that work, does it really matter
the brand of the device?


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