Using an external keyboard with Android

I am someone who is a slow typist when it comes to on screen keyboards.
I am okay with a short password or a couple of words reply to a message
but that is about it.
I have long preferred to use either a USB or Bluetooth keyboard with my
phone. I remember one of the first Motorola phones I had, I bought a
Motorola Bluetooth keyboard at the same time & got the sales guy's help
in pairing, since I was so new to android.

These days I use a Logitech K380 keyboard. I love the size as it easily
slips into a bag or backpack. It has a physical power switch on the left
edge, so no random keypresses when in my backpack.  I've had this model
for years & its still available from Amazon. I also found a carrying
case that the K380 fits in perfectly and helps keep it safe while
traveling. That too can be found at Amazon as well as other places.

More often though while at home, I just grab a wired USB keyboard and
plug into my phone. It does have a USB A to USB C adapter that I keep on
the end of the cable. These days in the world of recent Android phones
there is nothing else needed to connect a wired keyboard to the phone.
It doesn't have to be a high priced feature filled keyboard either. Any
cheap USB keyboard you got with a computer or bought at Walmart is just

One of the great things that Talkback does is if you are using a phone
just by touch, it will give you usage hints for that input method,
assuming you have usage hints turned on.
As soon as you connect a keyboard, either Bluetooth or wired, TalkBack
switches its usage hints to those related to using a keyboardd, nothing
needs to be done on your part.
So when interacting via touch you might hear "double tap to select" &
when using a keyboard you would hear "press alt + enter to select".

There is no right or wrong way, its just a matter of personal choice.
Its about what works best for you.
One of the times I greatly prefer a keyboard is when sending a chat
message to an Instacart shopper who is getting our groceries. I like to
tell them where I'll be when they are on the way & they are welcome to
come get our wheeled cart. It would take me a long time to type those
details on screen & correct errors. Its nice and fast using my wired

There are many USB A to USB C adapters, this is a shortened link to the
Anker 2 pack that I use.

Finally one tip. There is an option in Languages & Input found in
settings that allows you to hide the on screen keyboard when an external
keyboard is connected. It may not make a difference to you, but if you
ever have someone assisting, it might de clutter the screen for them.


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