Nokia X100 Review

Nokia X100 Tmobile
5 out of 5 stars

I recently purchased the Nokia X100 from Tmobile. It seems that is the
only place in the US to buy this phone, which is okay for my needs, as I
am a Tmobile customer.

What led me down the road to getting this phone was the disappointment
in the delay of getting Pixel 6 Pro phones to the Tmobile store, the
price of the 6 Pro, & the list of issues that are being experienced. I
first wanted one but started to look to see what else in the Android
world was out there.

I found the Nokia X100 one day while browsing around & took a look at
the specs, 6GB Ram & 128GB storage. I thought wow, that's pretty good
and in a phone that was only $252. I got to thinking, I wonder if as a
blind guy, if the apps that I use would run okay enough on this phone.

First, let me say I was only looking for what will work for me. I'm
totally blind so the quality or performance of the video quality on the
phone's screen doesn't mean anything to me, I can't see it.
The color of the front & back of the phone doesn't matter either, for
the same reason, plus I always put my phones in a case.

The apps I use on a regular basis are Lookout By Google, Lyft, Uber,
Contacts, Discord, Accuweather, Phone, Gmail, TuneIn Radio, InstaCart,
Walmart etc... So nothing editing or creating videos, I'm not into
retouching all of the pictures I've taken, because I really don't take any.

I am very much impressed with this phone. At first, there were some
"junk" apps to uninstall but as I remember from my earlier days using
Android, there's always some apps to get rid of. So got that out of the
way and started installing my apps. By the time I was done installing &
configuring the apps, I had just a little over 100GB of that 132GB left,
that also includes the Android install.

This phone can use a Micro SD card, according to the specs I got from
TMobile, up to a 1TB micro SD card. I didn't need that much extra
storage and bought a 256GB Samsung card on Amazon for about $30. It is
placed in the sim tray for the phone along with the sim card.

I have a collection of Old Time Radio shows along with video I've
downloaded from the Internet Archive or my own DVD's that I've ripped,
so I could watch them on my computer or phones.
It is nice when downloading movies from Netflicks or Prime Video for
those apps to ask if I'd like to store the files on the SD card or
internal memory.

The phone has a 4470 mAh battery along with my use of the phone can get
me through two days easily without needing to charge the battery. I've
been trying to run the battery down so I can see how fast it charges
with a charger & charging cable I bought from Anker. It's not easy. I
watched a movie I downloaded from Amazon onto my phone and even after an
hour of the movie, I was only down a few percentage points. I watched
Buzzr on PlutoTV and while that used the battery a bit more, I haven't
done one thing by itself to see an obvious battery drain.

The phone has a headphone jack, which none of the expensive flagship
phones do anymore. It has a single speaker for audio or music & it
sounds good. I'm sure Nokia is doing something with software to make it
sound good but no complaints from me with the movies, tv shows, &
streaming audio I've been listening to. Sure you'll have a better
listening experience with wired headphones or a good bluetooth headset
or earbuds, that is to be expected. I'm not trying to impress anyone
sitting here at home & listening to my cartoons in the morning.

I haven't had any problems with the hardware of the phone. The screen is
very responsive to touch. I use Talkback & no problems with double
tapping, swipeing, or navigating the phone. I'm also someone who uses a
wired USB keyboard from time to time, depending on what I'm doing. Other
than using a keyboard for typing messages or email, accessibility wise,
it can be very helpful in apps like Netflicks or Amazon Prime Video.
When playing a movie, you can double tap to access the controls, change
audio language etc.. If you have a keyboard attached, with those apps
and a few others, the controls are just right there, ready to be accessed.

When going through the settings in Android, there was one I was happy to
find. On other Android phones I've had, in setting the display timeout,
30 minutes has been the longest available. The Nokia X100 has a setting
beyond that, & that is to always have the screen on & to never time out.
This isn't a major need or feature as its easy to unlock a phone if it
times out & locks the phone, I just thought it was a helpful feature not
seen on other phones.

This phone is running Android 11 which has always worked fine for me.
I'm not someone who must have the latest version of Android to do the
things I do. The phone is supposed to get a few major updates, but even
if it doesn't, I'll be fine.
As this phone was first available from Tmobile in November, & that is
when I got it, the monthly security update on the phone is for November.
I'll be watching to see how updated Nokia & Tmobile keep that. Again,
that isn't a big issue for me as I don't side load apps, only get apps
from Google, & I don't install an app just because it is there. I
install the apps I use and need.

The fingerprint sensor is part of the power button & is on the right
side of the phone, just below the volume up & down buttons. It works
very well with the phone & none of the issues with sensors that are
under the screen.

There is also a Google Assistant button on the Left side of the phone.
You can press it and interact with the Google Assistant without having
to say Hey Google first. I've got the activation for the hot word turned
off in the Google Assistant settings. Just a press of the button & you
can do anything you want or need.

I think this phone would be fine for anyone else in a situation like
mine. I've seen a few buy one get one free specials with Tmobile, but
the duration of those offers changes. I did buy mine online & had it
shipped as with the pandemic still going on, I wasn't going to go to the
Tmobile store in the mall, just for me. I ordered it on a Friday & it
arrived Tuesday afternoon. I have heard from others who picked up their
phone in the store.

This is a good phone that costs $252 and it feels like a much more
expensive phone. I'll provide a link to the case I bought on Amazon &
the screen protector. At the time I bought the screen protector, the
only sources for that were outside the US, so taking a bit longer to
arrive, got the case within a few days though.

Here are a few specs from the Tmobile page.
• 48MP camera w/ ZEISS optics
• Up to 2-day Battery Life
• 6.67" Full HD+ display
• 5G Connectivity

HRWireless Compatible for HMD Nokia X100 5G Case 6.67" MetKase Series
Heavy Duty Hybrid Cover with Premium Original Minimalistic Design for
Shock Absorption, Accidental Drops, Scratches

HHUAN [1 Pack] for Nokia X100 (6.67") Tempered Glass Screen Protector,
9H Hardness/High Clear/Bubble Free/Tempered Glass Screen Protective Film
for Nokia X100

Here's the Tmobile page for the Nokia X100


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