March 2022 List Apps I Use On Android

This is a list of apps I have installed on my phone, which is currently
the Nokia X100 running android 11.
I am totally blind and these apps work for me when using TalkBack.
I am providing links to these apps on the web version of the Google Play
Store. If you use the Play Store App on your device, search for the
names of each app.
Some of these apps will be pre-installed on your Android phone or device
but I list them here as sometimes they might not be, just depends on the
I also interact with my phone using a bluetooth or USB keyboard, just
depending on the need & where I am. Don't let anyone tell you how to use
your Android device. The best way is the way that works best for you. I
use touch for some things & an external keyboard for others. I do like
that as soon as you connect an external keyboard, TalkBack will change
its usage hints to ones based on using an external keyboard. As soon as
you disconnect & go back to using the on-screen keyboard, the usage
hints will apply to that keyboard.
These days all that is needed to connect a USB keyboard to a phone with
a USB-C port is an inexpensive USb-A to USB-C connector. Often sold in 2
packs on Amazon for around $8.
I'll add comments to a few of the apps to share more on how or why I use
them. Some are so well known its just obvious.

I am a firm believer in supporting the great developers who make Android
apps. Whenever there is an option to upgrade to a paid version I will do
so. Often this will remove ads or enables extra functions that you might
not get in the free versions of an app.

These apps cost money to develop and some have some ongoing costs that
are involved in making the app available.

Besides having a weather radio that is set to alert for severe weather
in our county, I have a weather app on my phone. I've used AccuWeather
for several years. Almost always, I'll get an alert of severe weather 5
or 10 seconds before the weather radio activates, and a few times up to
30 seconds ahead. This can be very important if you live in an area with
tornados or other severe weather.


Amazon Alexa

Amazon Shopping


Be My Eyes

My Wife & I use Discord to communicate while she's working from home. If
she needs me to bring something to her or make a call, its a quick &
easy way to send the info without causing an interruption.


Find My Device


Google News

Google One
I subscribe to the 2 TB storage plan on Google Drive & this is just an
easy way to help manage that as well as checking on device backups.

Google Opinion Rewards
This app is now more accessible to use and is an easy way to earn some
play store credit in return for answering some survey questions from
time to time. You won't get rich this way, but maybe it will buy you an
app now and then.




This is for the Roomba vacuum cleaners. It lets you check to see if your
robot is charged, use the locate feature when hunting down your stuck
robot, or starting, pausing, or stopping a cleaning. Also easy way to
tell your Robot to go home.

This is the app for a local KC area tv station. Its another source of
severe weather in my area. You should find an app connected to a tv
station for where you are. One thing this app does that none of the
other ones do is notify you of lightening strikes in the area and about
how far they are away. If I start getting several nearby I'll consider
unplugging computers.

Lookout - Assisted vision - Apps
I love Lookout as I use it to read printed material, packages, mail,
letters etc... I also use it when putting groceries away or identifying
frozen or other foods. Its got an excellent Documents mode that will
guide you in moving the phone until it knows it's got a good shot. You
don't have to limit its use to documents.



Music Folder Player Full
I use this app to play my collection of Old Time Radio files I have
stored on my phone. They are in a folder called OTR with each show in
its own folder. This app makes it easy to double tap and hold on the OTR
folder & when the menu popps up, select shuffle folders.


NFC Tools
I don't use NFC tags as often as I once did to label things, now that I
have Lookout, but if I do need to make a tag for coffee or something
else, this is the app I use these days to read & write text to NFC Tags.

Niagara Launcher
This is the launcher I use on my phone. I like its simple approach & its
very easy to access a list of all of the apps installed and also easy to
find the launcher's settings.


Parcel Pending
This app may not have use to anyone else, but listing just in case. My
apartment complex uses this service to store delivered packages into
lockers. Its helpful in tracking waiting packages and gives the code to
unlock the locker.

Pixel Buds

Pluto TV

Podcast Go
There are many podcasts apps, I like this one for its simple & easy to
use approach to keeping track of subscriptions.


Prime Video

We have 4 of the sensors from Sensor Push around our home. One in each
room & one in the refrigerator. These sensors, available on Amazon will
use Bluetooth low energy to transmit temperature & humidity readings to
the app. It handles extreme temperatures very well.

Smart Home Manager
This is only of use to AT&T internet customers, I just wanted to mention
it because it can be useful & is accessible.



TuneIn Radio Pro

This link is to the free version of the app, which you should try before
buying. Its a very accessible Twitter app and the one I use. Just look
in the app or do a search when ready to buy the plus version.


Uber Eats

This controls our LEVOIT  air cleaner.  It allows the touch display to
be turned off & lets you check on the air quality of your area. It also
keeps track of the usage of the air filter.




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