Laresar L6 Pro Robot Vacuum & Mop

We got a new robot vacuum after our previous robot, Roomba E5 was having
several problems.

I went looking around, reading reviews and really liked both the US and
International reviews I read on the robot I bought.
I got the Laresar L6 Pro from Amazon.
While prices vary,  with the on page coupon I paid, $399.98

A couple of the features is its very strong suction. Its stronger than
any other robot vac I looked at. There are three settings in the app for
suction level.

It creates a map of your home. It isn't doing this to spy on you, it
does this to provide a better  experience. It will know where its
charging base or home is. Once it learns its way around for example, if
its battery is getting low & it needs to return to the base, it will
take the shortest route there. Our last one, when told in the app to go
home or going on its own, it never knew where its base was, it only knew
when it received an infra red signal from the base, that it was there.
So it might and usually did take the longest route and found its base by
chance, more than knowing where to go and the best route there as the
new robot does.
One note on that, if the robot has to stop cleaning to return to the
charging base, it will remember its last location and return there to
resume cleanning on its next cleaning job.

You can also setup virtual barriers in the app but I am sure that is
something  due to the graphical nature of the map, will need to be done
by someone other than me.

Speaking of the base, this charging base also extracts the trash in the
robot's bin when it connects. It'll suck the contents out then charging
There is a setting in the app, for those who are afraid the vacuum might
grab something it shouldn't like jewelry, or other small valuables, you
can set it to only vacuum out the trash every two or three visits after
cleaning. I have it set to empty after every trip. The trash does go
into a bag inside the charging base.

If a human knocks the robot off of its base, this new robot will return
to the base on its own. The previous one would just sit there and let
its battery drain until you put it back on the charger.

I like its communication messages. It tells you when its starting or
ending cleaning, it tells you when the robot is paused or resuming, it
tells you when the robot is returning to the base, when something is
stuck in the main brush, side brush or basically anything its doing.

This robot uses the same laser technology to do its mapping and moving
around as some electric car companies are currently using in cars that
are out on the road.

We have only had this for about a week so I haven't done everything with
it just yet. It does light mopping and you can also control it with
Alexa & Google Assistant.
It does have apps for Android & IOS, Laresmart. It uses the smartlife
skill in Alexa to connect or the smartlife app on android or IOS to
connect to google assistant.

I do know setting up the android app is a pain, I had to get help doing
that. Once setup I can start and stop, or pause cleaning. I can adjust
the suction level. I can tell it to return to base. There are also
settings for mopping that I've accessed but haven't messed with since I
haven't done that yet.

Note make a safe note of the username you create for the Laresmart app
because you will use that to sign into smartlife.

I'll include a great review that I found. In another review, it was
mentioned that this robot cleaned part of the baseboards that other
robots the guy was reviewing, just skipped.

So I am very impressed with the Laresar L6 Pro. I don't think our
bedroom carpets have been this clean since we moved in. It has no
problems going under the bed and coming out on the other side. Our last
robot got stuck every time when trying to shove itself under the bed. It
never learned.
Also, our hardwood floors in the rest of are apartment are super clean.

I'll update this when I setup Alexa & Google with the robot and when we
try mopping.

I of course can't say anything about its use with the IOS app. One good
thing about buying from Amazon is there generous return times. I'm
writing this in late October & have until the end of January to return
it. Returning is easy too, I just take it to a local Kohl's department
store and they do all of the packing & return. In previous returns, I
usually get a amazon store credit as soon as the store lets Amazon know
they have control of the return.

This has just been such a great experience so far that even with the few
things I have left to try, I wanted to go ahead & share the info on this
excellent robot vacuum. It feels very well built, its buttons are good
quality feeling and its wheels are big for rolling over cables and
moving over small throw rugs on the floor.

Laresar L6 Pro Robot Vacuum with Self-Emptying Clean Base +Mop // Honest
Testing Review

Laresmart on the Google Play store

Laresmart on IOS App store

Remember that smartlife is used to communicate with Alexa or Google
Assistant. I know from experience, you'll look for smartlife in the
Google Home app when setting that up on Android. I don't know how that
process goes on IOS, but smartlife is what you will need to look for as
what is used to communicate between your phone & the robot.


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