Update On L6 Pro Robot Vacuum

Its been a few weeks since I posted about this robot vacuum. Since then
we have connected it to both our Amazon Echo & Google Assistant devices.
While doing that, it doesn't give you access to everything in the
vacuum's app, its handy to say Hey Google, turn on the vacuum or turn
off the vacuum. As you might expect, turning it on starts cleaning &
turning off stops cleaning & sends it back to the base.

I still haven't used the mopping feature. I've been so very impressed
with how well it does on our hard wood type floors & in our bedrooms
which are carpeted.

The android app isn't perfect but with some trial & error, it is usable.
The thing that helps me the most is to open the TalkBack menu when I get
to an icon and select describe image. There are buttons for dock, start,
pause, more etc.. with some practice you'll be changing the suction
level and managing your robot.

I've looked around on Amazon at some robot vacuums that are almost the
same. One thing I love about the L6 Pro is how well it does under our
bed. It easily fits under the bed. Our previous Roomba E5 got stuck
every time as it tried to go under the bed, but it was a bit too tall to
do so. It still tried on a regular basis, getting stuck every time.

The L6 Pro meets my needs and does a very good job cleaning our apartment.

 Now that we've used it a dozen times or so, we've got things picked up
& have a

robot friendly apartment.

One tip if you get this one, if it gets stuck & you can't find it, tell
your assistant to turn off the vacuum, usually it isn't stuck so bad
that it can't try to go home.

If you need a powerful & affordable robot vacuum, try it out. Amazon
usually has long return times, you'll know how long you have to return
it on the page. I am keeping ours & when we get a chance to try the
mopping function, I'll post again.


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