My Review of Drago Coffee from Fresh Roasted Coffee

As the Drago coffee moved from my tumbler, into my mouth it felt like
the coffee was hugging my tongue. Even though the two just met, it was
like the coffee was saying, hello old friend, its nice to see you again.
It was smooth as it moved across my taste buds, waking them up on a cool
fall day. It brought back a memory of having something warm for
breakfast then knowing I was ready to go take on the world & wait
outside in the cool morning air for my school bus.
I made the Organic Drago  coffee with sugar free caramel syrup &
unsweetened soy milk. I have other syrup flavors on the way & can't wait
to try this coffee with chocolate chip cookie dough syrup or even salted
caramel syrup.
It gives a relaxing feeling as I await the next sip, happy that my
tumbler isn't empty and there is more joy to be found inside.
So bring the Organic Drago  coffee into your life and remember that not
every dragon is fire breathing and mean, even if their name isn't Puff.

You can find this & other wonderful coffee at


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