Time To Start Sharing Info Again

I think I've had enough of a break that I'm ready to start sharing information again. 

I was listening to an episode of the Double Tap podcast and heard a message from someone wondering how accessible it is to restore a system image in Windows. I've heard similar messages about apps being accessible in Android, or just Android in general. 

I don't know everything but I've been around awhile and picked up a few things along the way. Not only with technology, but as someone who has been on this big spinning ball for almost 51 years, learned a few things about life. 

I'm going to start sharing here on my blog. The days are gone where I could share that info on Twitter as that is no longer a place I want to be. 

I do post sometimes on Threads but it just doesn't have that same feeling where I can write some step by step directions when that is needed. 

Its Wednesday evening, September 27, 2023 as I'm writing this, so I'll start sharing information again starting on Thursday. 




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