Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder
An Android app that I use on both my Pixel Watch 1st edition and on my
Pixel 6 Pro is Easy Voice Recorder. I used it this morning while
checking my blood sugar. Its just so easy to open the list of apps on my
watch by pressing the crown and moving down to the app.
The first button I'm presented with is the Record button. Double Tap
that twice, give it a second and start speaking. In this example I just
recorded 95 at 10:30 am, moved over to the Stop button and double tapped.
I heard the app say saving.
Later when I was near my computer, I opened Google Drive on my phone and
the first file was there. I heard Google Drive say "Created Today" There
was a file called My Recording 3 and when I double tapped on it, there
was a short pause and I heard me saying 95 at 10:30 am.

The app on the watch communicates with the app on my phone. In the
settings I selected for it to save recordings on my Google Drive. You
can also configure the file type, bit rate, noise reduction, default
name and more.
I also have a widget setup on my phone that gives me the same buttons
that the watch app has, Record, Pause, & Stop. I could also open the app
on my phone and have access to all of the settings.

Its just easy to make quick voice notes or reminders and know that the
files are being saved on Google Drive.
In the past I have recorded sounds of nature when we had a small pond
behind the apartment building that frequently had birds and frogs nearby.

I do have the PRO version of the app as I strongly believe in supporting
App Developers and I use the extra features found in the Pro version.

Easy Voice Recorder

426,789 reviews for star rating 5

Here are the benefits you get in the Pro version:

- Upload new recordings automatically to your Google Drive, Dropbox or
Microsoft OneDrive.
- Record to MP3, FLAC and AAC, in addition to all the formats available
in the free version.
- Record using a Bluetooth microphone.
- Trim recordings and remove unwanted sections with Edit mode.
- Manage and organize your recordings with folders.
- Control the recorder from anywhere using the notifications bar.
- Bonus features: record in stereo, import files, skip silence, volume
boost, custom bitrates, and more.

The app was updated on
Oct 6, 2023

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