Online Listening

This is a list of things I listen to online. Sometimes we all just need
some sound playing in the background, other times you might need to have
something in the foreground, drowning out the background.

This is my playlist on Spotify. You'll experience the wide range of
music I listen to with this playlist. If you need to skip a song, go
ahead, I won't be offended, I won't even know.
Its named Tink & Puppy after our two cats.

There are several channels from these great people you can listen to.
These are my two favorite & most listened to.

BananaVision Main Channel

Pluto TV
There are over two hundred channels to watch or listen to at Pluto TV.
You can listen via their web site or use their app. There are on demand
movies, popular tv shows from various decades and tv game shows that I
loved watching as a kid and still do today.
If you listen via the web you can add a favorite channel to your
favorites or bookmarks in your browser. If you go to a channel and you
don't hear the audio, make sure mute is off.
They are working on adding material with described audio but are still
in the process of making that available for the movies and shows Pluto
has the content for in their collections, so be patient. AD will be
available when watching via the web or with their apps for Android or IOS.

The Listen Factor
A variety of audio from TV shows, old time radio, described movies and
more. A fun place to just explore on your own.

Android Faithful Podcast Live
After the long running podcast "All ABout Android" ended on Twit, the
hosts & many fans weren't done. So Android Faithful was started and it
is something I listen to live each week. You can find links to listen
and other info about the podcast at this link.

Rich On Tech Radio Show

Rich does a syndicated TV segment during the week that many stations
carry. On Saturday's he does a radio show from 1 pm to 4pm central time.

Here is where I like to listen to his show live:

Just click on the Play button to start.

You can learn more about Rich, his other shows and contact him at:

I'll be adding more to this list.

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