Study Finds Unsweetened Coffee is Linked to Weight Loss

Another article I read today talks about how unsweetened coffee leads to
weight loss. This is how I have had my coffee for years. I use sugar
free syrups from Torani or Davinci and use the pumps that attach to the
bottles of both brands for dispensing the syrup.

The only sugar that gets added to my 30 ounce insulated tumblers is from
the unsweetened soy milk. In an eight ounce serving, there is 1 gram of

There are many sugar free flavors available. Here are a few of the ones
I currently have.

Sugar Free Gingerbread

Sugar Free Brown Sugar Cinnamon

Sugar Free Caramel

Sugar Free Vanilla

Sugar Free S'mores

Sugar Free Chocolate

Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

If anyone is interested, I am happy to share more about my sugar free
coffee, the devices I use and the steps I take. Making your own coffee
at home does not have to be expensive. Just send me an email

Here is the article I mentioned.


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