Macro Droid Device Automation Android App

I want to remind everyone of a great Android app that enables you to do
all sorts of things. I've been using Macro Droid for several years. I
first heard of it on All About Android one evening.

I recently had a need for this great app. I was navigating the screen on
my Pixel 6 Pro the other day and suddenly I lost speech. Nothing was
talking, I as someone who is totally blind, was lost. Thankfully I have
my previous phone and used Lookout to read the screen on my 6 Pro.

I could read the screen but didn't see any error messages
I tried to restart the phone by holding down the volume up key & power,
but for some reason, that did nothing. I tried volume down and power,
just in case that was the key combination.
I was finally able to restart my phone, heard a couple seconds of
TalkBack then the phone went silent again. Another check with the old
phone showed text on the screen. I thought what could be causing this?

Then just like in a cartoon, I got the light bulb above my head &
wondered if maybe one of the ear buds from my Pixel Buds Pro didn't seat
itself in the case just right. I checked the case & that is exactly the
issue. Once I took the earbud out and made sure it went in correctly, I
could hear TalkBack on my phone.
So, my next thing to wonder, how can I deal with this problem again,
other than opening the case for the ear buds.

I thought about Macro Droid. This automation app lets you change
settings on so many parts of your android device. I setup a trigger, the
thing that activates the macro to press & hold the volume down button.
The setting had an option to keep the volume setting, so using this
trigger would not lower the volume.
For the next step I selected the Action, or what I wanted the macro to
do. I selected turn off BlueTooth.
I didn't need to select a constraint, or when the macro could or could
not work, like if a call is active or music is playing. I want this
macro to work anytime I enable its trigger.
I gave the macro a name and told the setup I was done. Now its time to
test my new macro.

I put my ear buds in my ears & started some music. I held the volume
down button for a few seconds. I heard my phone make a sound and the ear
buds were disconnected. I touched on the screen and BlueTooth was off.

We have used Macro Droid for so many things over the years. I've setup
one that if my phone's battery gets below 15% a text message is sent to
my Wife that has a preset message from me that includes the battery

Many things can trigger a macro, including a NFC tag. Once upon a time
during Winter, my wife was going to a friend's house that wasn't far
from home to give their cat a shot. I was worried about her doing that
with the cold air, & the ice & snow that was in the parking lots &
streets. Our friend was concerned about that too.
So we setup a macro that when a certain NFC tag is scanned it sends a
message to my phone saying she arrived at our friends apartment. We
setup another tag that sent our friends a text message saying she has
arrived at our apartment. We placed that tag on on the inside part of
our door, and the first tag on the inside of our friends door. So when
my wife arrived at our friends apartment, she only needed to hold her
phone up to the NFC tag over there. A few seconds later, I would receive
a message on my phone letting me know she made it over there without any
problems. When she got home, she holds her phone to the tag on our door,
and our friends get a message saying she arrived at home.

That is just one example of the things Macro Droid can do.

Here is a link to Macro Droid on the play store.
One suggestion... When creating a macro, double tap on more options in
the upper right corner & then double tap on category. This turns off
sorting the triggers, actions, & constraints to be displayed in category
view. In each section you will find the full list of options, instead of
them split up into categories. I think its easier that way, but
experiment & see what works best for you.


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