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Here are the podcasts I listen to & where you can learn more.
I know it seems that everyone wants your money these days. If you enjoy
one of these or another show and can afford to give a few dollars or
more a month, please do so.
If you can't make a donation, at least help spread the word and tell
others about the shows you like to listen to.

Android Faithful

Double Tap

Daily Tech News Show

Kansas City Today


I use the Spotify app to listen to these podcasts. I use Spotify to
listen to music & keeping it all in the same app is easier for me. Plus,
some of the podcasts like Material, have a bonus episode each week for
the people who are able to make a donation. Its very easy to subscribe
to that feed of the podcast, including the bonus part using Spotify. Its
just a matter of how things are setup.

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